Custom PVC/Toll Compounding Services

Custom PVC/Toll Compounding Services from Roscom Inc.

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Company Profile
With many new services being provided in 2017, Roscom is your one stop shop for all of your custom PVC, toll compounding, and laboratory services. The #1 custom PVC compounder is now the #1 toll compounding service provider. With a vast array of different services being provided such as, blending, grinding, masterbacth creation, proprietary compounding, private labeling, custom bar coding, silos available for storage, inventory stocking programs, plus many more its makes Roscom your “go to” for getting the job done. We offer signed NDA’s and secrecy agreements to protect our proprietary formulations. With our new on line production scaling system, it allows us to weigh in raw materials as they are received and used during the production run to track raw amounts. This information is documented in our processing specifications programming software which will identify production yields that we can relate to the client. Our R&D lab was built in order to develop new PVC formulas which will aid Roscom in entering new markets and ultimately will allow us to diversify our PVC portfolio by offering new products to current and potential customers. Some of our major focuses are FDA, NSF, UL, REACH, RoHS, and Prop 65 complaint compounds. Our R&D lab will also provide Roscom with the capability to breakdown compounds in order to identify polymer concerns such as compound melt flow, cross contaminations, physical property testing, as well as chemical property testing. compound, To receive more information on our custom PVC or our toll compounding capabilities, please contact Roscom sales at

Roscom’s Top 10:

• Rapid Pace to Scale Up Production.

• Project Focus in Order to Achieve Timeline Goals.

• State of the Art Equipment: CAM

• Quality Control Conducted During Every Run to Ensure Consistency.

• Exact Scaling of Raw Materials

Received & Used During Production

• Specialty Resin Silos Available For Storage

• Inventory Control Reports on Ins & outs

• Bar Coding & Private Labeling Capabilities

• Computerized Detailed Reporting

• Signed Secrecy Agreements & NDA’s on

Proprietary Formulations and Intellectual Property.

Give us a call to find out more about our Custom flexible and rigid PVC compounds that are sold to various markets within the plastics industry. We even do color matches!!

Roscom is now also providing scented PVC! Call us now and we will provide you with a list of various scents or you can check out our social media pages for more info.


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