ViscoIndicator Online Rheometer

ViscoIndicator Online Rheometer from Dynisco

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Simplified Rheology for the Masses

Specifically designed for the thermoplastics resin industry, the ViscoIndicator provides continuous measurements of the melt flow rate, apparent viscosity, or intrinsic viscosity directly on the extruder.

The ViscoIndicator online rheometer duplicates the test conditions of a laboratory Melt Flow Rate (MFR) tester or capillary rheometer. Melt viscosity measurements such as melt flow rate and Intrinsic viscosity are primary specifications of thermoplastic resins. MFR and melt viscosity are related to polymer molecular properties so these numbers give some measure of the physical properties of their product as well as polymer processability. The ViscoIndicator has a look and feel that will be familiar to most shop personnel.

Why is this important – it lowers the training time to become effective in measuring the rheological properties of your polymer process. This along with the ease of connection gets you up in running in the minimal amount of time.

The ViscoIndicator consists of three main parts:

  • A Rheological Sensing Unit (RSU) that connects directly to the process and samples, conditions, and measures the properties of the resin. It can be mounted on extruders, reactors, or molten polymer transfer lines in various orientations.

  • A Rheological Control Unit (iRCU) that controls the measurement parameters (temperature, pressure, flow rate), and provides communications to Human Machine Interface (HMI).

  • The HMI remotely manages test parameters and provides measured and computed material properties. Rheological data is displayed in a simple intuitive display that shows melt low rate, intrinsic viscosity, or apparent viscosity with a simple numeric value or a trending graph with high/low limits. For historical purposes the data can be exported for further historical analysis or for quality control purposes. Additionally the data can be viewed on the machine or by remote connection with any windows 10 device.


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