B&P Littleford has been developing Mixing and Separation equipment since the early 1900s and has thus acquired an extensive expertise in processing industries. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by large and small companies, we have created innovative and highly reliable equipment that can be applied to many industries including chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical and wastewater applications.

B&P Littleford has been manufacturing twin-screw compounders and extruders over the past 70 years. Each series model has specific design characteristics which address the very specific needs of unique market segments:
Filled and Unfilled Thermoplastic Compounds
Thermosets and Hot-Melt Adhesives
Explosives and Energetics
Powder Paint and Coatings
WPC deck-board and profile extrusion.
Special Foams and Rubbers

Our keen knowledge of the plastics industry has helped us to meet the need for reliable compounding systems that are simple to operate, yet flexible and affordable. From small-scale lab systems up to the largest volume production machinery, we offer the industrys broadest line-up. Key products include:

Twin Screw continuous extruders
For a broad range of mixing/extrusion applications
Ko-Kneader extruders/mixers
For heat- and shear-sensitive materials
Powder coating mixers
Designed specifically for the challenges of mixing powder coating pigments
Batch mixers
A full range of vertical and horizontal batch mixers.

Our customers are considered long-term Partners, who are provided a dedicated team of experts proficient in system design, development and implementation. Our definition of success is based on your success and satisfaction with our products and services.

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B&P Littleford | Mixing/Drying Equipment

B&P Littleford | Mixing/Drying Equipment

B&P Littleford designs and builds a wide spectrum of mixing, drying, compounding, reacting, extracting and centrifugal separation equipment for many different manufacturing applications.

Batch and Continuous Mixing Systems for a wide range of industries including Vacuum Drying.
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