ADG Solutions works colaboratively with you and your team through a process of discovery to consider every step, variable, and detail critical to the success of your plastics recycling business. Only then do we recommend recovery or plastic extrusion system improvements. This process ensures a plastic recycling system that perfectly suits your business model, capabilities, expansion and growth.

The process and solutions include:

◦ Feed stock analysis / material property characteristics
◦ Evaluation of foot print and building constraints
◦ Washing, drying, and separation
◦ Gaylord tippers and other feeding systems
◦ Material conveying
◦ Metal detection, both ferrous and non-ferrous
◦ Size Reduction shredders and granulators
◦ Clean flake production
◦ Feedscrews, new and rebuilt

Plastic extrusion systems including:

◦ Feed systems designed for your feedstocks with the maximum range in densities
■ Wide mouth
■ Ram stuffer
■ Melt fed
◦ Melt delivery proper extruder size and reclaim screw design at the highest rates possible
◦ Devolatization for solid, non-gassy pellets vented and cascade systems
◦ Melt filtration technologies suited to contaminant levels
■ Slide plate screen changers with oversized variable flat screen
■ Continuous screen changers including backflush models
■ Heavy-duty, self-cleaning continuous melt filters
◦ Pelletizing technologies based on melt viscosity and end-user specifications