The 40,000 sq.ft. Blasdel Enterprises headquarters is located in Greensburg, Indiana and specializes in custom designed and manufactured equipment such as:

* infrared ovens
* thermoforming ovens
* high velocity air convection ovens
* moisture dry off equipment
* conveyors
* pick and place robots
* hydraulic scissor lifts
* gas catalytic ovens
* cooling tunnels
* turnkey finishing systems
* specialty equipment

Blasdel Enterprises, Inc. is uniquely equipped to design solutions that meet the challenges of the most demanding of industries, including:

* Automotive
* Construction
* Furniture and Cabinets
* Appliances
* Aerospace
* Recreational Vehicle (RV) Manufacturing
* Medical Equipment
* Machinery

Using diverse substrates such as plastic, metal, wood, carbon fiber, fabric, glass.