Polypro Recycling is the fastest growing post industrial plastic recycling company in Florida. Currently we are purchasing plastic scrap from the entire southeastern United States. Services offered are:

Revenue Generating Program
Stop paying money to landfills and start generating revenue with your post industrial plastic waste. Have Polypro pickup your materials for processing to earn additional revenue for your business.

Recycling Plans
Not sure where to start? Let a Polypro Recycling representative come to your business for post industrial materials consulting. Let us analyze your waste recyclables and come up with a customized plan to help your business operate more efficiently.

Certificates of Destruction
For corporate reporting, we offer certificates of destruction to ensure your materials and brand are not ending up in the landfills. We process that materials at our facility and certify their destruction.

For every pickup we keep detailed reports broken down by material and weight on certified scales. Our precise data collection allows us to generate custom reports for your business.

Don’t waste time trying to train your staff, let Polypro come onsite for training of the materials collection to ensure to correct procedure for collection.

Polypro offers over 30 years of dedicated trucking service to pick up and handle your materials quickly. Our professional and courteous staff is ready and flexible to schedule pickups with your business. Call now to schedule a pickup. If live pickups are not convenient, let us deliver a storage solution for you to fill at your leisure. We have capacity to leave full sized trailers at your facility to be swapped out when you are ready. Call now to learn about our different options.

Polypro has its own in house plastics testing laboratory to full analyze your plastics materials. We offer the following testing capabilities:
• FTIR – Identification of plastic type such as
• Polypropylene
• Polystyrene
• Acrylics
• Polycarb
• Specific Gravity/Density
• Melt Flow Indicator (MFI)
• Plastic contaminates will be identified as part of the process
• Material Bidding – With desirable materials Polypro will make you a certified pricing offer with your testing results. Knowing what your materials are and what they are worth will put you in control of reclaiming lost revenue.

Does your company want to be more efficient in its plastic manufacturing process? Let Polypro process your plastics waste materials for you and return them to you for reuse. Now your business can reclaim lost revenue from its plastic resources.

Call today for more information and price quote.