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Pneumatic Conveying and DeDusting Solutions

Pelletron's experienced Bulkmatology® team provides Pneumatic Conveying and DeDusting solutions for the Plastics Industry. Whether it's de-bottlenecking existing systems or designing complete turnkey plants from the ground up, Pelletron's extensive know-how and experience ensures that solutions are efficient, cost-effective and meet the industry's highest standards of quality. Pelletron developed the DeDuster® for removal of dust and streamers. Pelletron offers various types and sizes of DeDuster® for all kind of applications. Pelletron provides dilute,-dense and STRANDPHASE® conveying systems, as well as a complete component program of medium and high pressure rotary, diverter valves and Pellbows®. Pellbows® are especially designed to minimize damage to elbows and conveyed product. Pellbows® avoid the creation of streamers and reduce dust, and are available in wear resistant versions as well.

Test lab

Pelletron has a test lab for conveying and dedusting tests, including an attrition test loop for comparison of various conveying technologies. Pelletron offers free of charge dedusting tests, including an electronic report with dust profifle.