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Capacity, Not Bottlenecks

We've been in business continually since 1948. A-1 Tool's continuous equipment improvement program keeps us on the leading edge of technology. Our high-speed 5-axis machines maximize throughput by making everything from set-up to completion faster.

A-1 constantly invests in new capabilities, offering virtually every machining process you can think of including:
•3-, 4- and 5-Axis Machining Centers
•Carbon Cutter
•EDM, Wire EDM
•Gun Drilling

The more you know about moldmaking, the more you'll be impressed by a walk around A-1's factory floor. Come see our very large 5-axis boring bar and learn how we use HSK tooling along with shrink fit and computer-balanced tools to exploit CNC's full potential for throughput.

Finished molds are qualified on dedicated 90, 300, 500, 1,000, 1,100, and 3,000-ton sampling injection presses to help ensure that customer start-up goes smooth and fast.