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Injection Molding Efficiency . . .
Gas assisted injection molding eliminates molded-in stress that can result in warp, sink marks and variable dimensions in conventional injection molded products. The results are a higher quality molding, stress free, with faster cycle times and greatly expanded design options. Contact NitroJection. We help you reduce costs and become a preferred molded part supplier to your customers.

NitroJection provides:
Gas assist process controls and nitrogen gas intensifier systems to meet your production and facility requirements. One setup, or a plant wide system. Product and process development to in-plant process optimization. We'll get you there faster!
You're a good molder; we'll make you better!™

The Nitrojection Gas Assist Molding Process

It is a patented nitrogen gas injection molding process that is easily adapted to any existing injection molding machine. Two series of gas assist process controllers are available, the NitroJection Processing Unit (NPU), and the NitroJection Satellite Unit (NSU). Each gas assist controller series is designed to fill a specific gas-assist molding need. Each series is available with one, two, or four nitrogen outlets and can be customized with a fast-acting pre-stage and hold valve.

NitroJection Corporation was the first commercialized gas assist process and processing system in North America. For over twenty years, NitroJection has provided leading gas assist control systems, combined with system, product and process support. The Nitrojection Process, the original, the first.

NitroJection Services:
In addition to efficient and the most cost effective gas assist injection molding systems and services in our industry, we provide:
•Product review and product engineering
•Tooling engineering support
•Gas pins and gas assist accessories
•Process engineering support
•Custom built gas assist controls to meet your specialized needs
•Single setup installations
•Plant wide gas assist systems
•System rebuilds and repairs
•Refurbished equipment
•Training and seminar