MASTERDUCT hoses are specifically designed for conquering the daily challenges in the world of plastics processing: from highly abrasion-resistant hoses for granule transport, temperature-proof hoses for granule drying, Master-PROTECT Pipe-Bends, electrically heated hoses for the transport of liquid plastics and adhesives, right through to all of the corresponding fittings and connectors. Masterduct has everything you need for achieving greater success throughout the entire production process!

The new Master-PUR hose series provides the 3 most important features of a spiral hose in 1 product: Antistatic, Food Grade, and Flame-Resistant. With a surface resistance of R0 >109, there is a much safer method of preventing static buildup. All of these advantages combined create the most versatile, cost effective, and abrasive resistant flexible hose on the market!

The new Master-PUR Performance hose is the world‘s first PU spiral hose with a seamless smooth inner lining. Its unique manufacturing process makes it the most abrasion-resistant PU spiral hose in the world, withstanding even the toughest conditions. Durability, reliability and greatly improved cost-efficiency are guaranteed!

The Master-SIL 2 hose provides high-temperature resistance and good chemical resistance, which makes it especially suitable for the suction and extraction of warm air during the plastics drying process. Master-SIL 2 is a lightweight, highly flexible hose, making it quick and easy to install no matter where it is applied!

Masterduct, Inc. is a subsidiary of the global Masterflex Group whose headquarters are based in Germany. Driven by internationalism and innovation, the Masterflex Group is a specialist in the development and production of high-quality hoses and connector systems. The Masterflex Group is a global organization with 13 operating units throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.