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From Stand Alone Mixers to full Fledged Blending Systems, Reliance has over 100 years of Mixing Experience to provide you the customized solution for your company. As U.S. Manufacturer of mixing equipment, we are dedicated to serving the plastics, powder coating, and chemical industries. We have fine-tuned our knowledge of the mixing process and have been able to incorporate it into the design of our Turn-Key Blending Systems.

Reliance Industries, Inc. is a global supplier of High Intensity Mixers and Industrial Coolers for the PVC, Teflon, Color Concentrate, Masterbatch, and Toner industries. In addition, Reliance manufacturers specialty mixers for the Powder Coating, Food, and Spice industries.

Reliance's doors have always been wide open for customers to run trials, view our operations, and meet our engineers & manufacturing technicians as we provide Mixing Solutions to our Global Customers.