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Ateliers Francois S.A., based in Liege, Belgium, has over 140 years of experience in providing a variety of compressed air systems, with over 5,000 installations in 140 countries. Today, AF Compressors specializes in providing high-pressure, oil free, compressed air systems for PET blow molding operations and low-pressure compressors for any application requiring high quality compressed air at pressures up to 15 bar. We provide superior aftermarket support from local AF offices and agents strategically located around the world.

Our product lines include the following:

• AF “CE” and “L” series of high-pressure compressors offer a capacity range from 88 to 1883 CFM at operating pressures from 20 to 40 bar. The “L” series offers improvements in the efficiency and proven reliability of our “CE” compressor range, to deliver more air capacity per horsepower.

• AF “OPC “range of low-pressure compressors can deliver 272 to 1907 CFM at operating pressures from 6 to 15 bar. These compressors are suitable to provide oil-free compressed air for a variety of applications including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and automotive industries

AF’s unique “L-Design” is a proven and robust compressor with a simplistic, low-speed, design providing lower energy consumption and maintenance cost versus other competitive machines in our market. Our compressors are manufactured specifically to meet local codes and are designed to perform in the most demanding site conditions. Each compressors is factory tested to ensure proper performance per ISO 5163 – 2003 standards.

AF offers complete turn-key compressor packages including air dryer, receiver, and starter/control panel with PLC controls. We offer a variety of options, including closed loop cooling systems, low and high pressure receivers, and multiple compressor controllers to meet the specific needs of your project. AF Compressors can be equipped with several options to reduce the overall power consumption of the compressor, including our Adjustable Air Flow System to automatically optimize on & off load ratios of the compressor due to varying air demands and Smart Inverter Starting to reduce peak current loads at start-up.