Safoam Chemical Foam & Saftec Specialty Additives

Reedy Chemical Foam has been the leader in advanced specialty additives for the plastics industry since 1989. Our products represent a full line of SAFOAM® foaming and nucleating agents and SAFTEC® line of melt-strength enhancers, anti-stats, slip-aides, polymer processing additives, lubricants, dispersions, stabilizers and advanced purging compounds for commodity as well as engineering thermoplastic resins. With our environmentally responsible additives, you will reduce your overall process costs and produce superior products. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, we are committed to providing quality products and innovative solutions according to the most current technology, safety standards and regulations; and backing that promise with integrity, experience and commitment to the needs of our customers. Reedy International can add value to your business. Our experience in foaming thermoplastics for markets such as food packaging, building and construction, footwear, consumer goods, home and garden products, medical, automotive, sheet, film, wire and cable and many others, has enabled us to provide informed technical service to the plastics processor. Our technical expertise helps our customers to select the most compatible products for their applications. When you buy from Reedy, you have access to our network of resources, including our vast technical library and our strategic partners in order to help you with your process and marketing goals.

We don't just sell products - we sell technology. Reedy Chemical Foam has a global network of highly-skilled technical agents and distributors. Through our experienced team our customers can trust that they will receive the training tools needed to succeed. It is this trust that makes our relationships stronger, and it is a trust we aim to achieve with each customer.