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Inhance Technologies transforms plastic, elastomer and select metal surfaces using proprietary gas technologies to impart barrier properties, promote adhesion and/or enhance lubricity & durability to a wide variety of intermediate ingredients and finished articles in numerous markets. The treatment results in permanent chemical modification of the surface of the article or raw material.

From Barrier Technology and Surface Modificaion to our line of Performance Additives, Inhance Technologies has treated over 1.5 billion articles of all shapes and sizes. From 1/2 inch O-rings to 330 Gallon totes, from continuous and chopped fibers to continuous films and non wovens, from plastic powders to pellets, the treatment options are numerous. Our unique processes allow for continuous or batch treatment of a large number of articles at a given time. Properties that can be imparted upon treatment include, barriers to solvents, flavors and odors, stain resistance, friction management, increased surface energy, improved dispersion of additives, enhanced printability and bonding, traction management, improved abrasion resistance and many more. The markets we serve include packaging, fuel systems, consumer product goods, automotive, transportation, building and construction, industrial and healthcare.

We are strategically located throughout the US. In addition to our Corporate headquarters and Technology Center located in Houston, TX we have 11 US plants / toll conversion plants as well as international sites located in Australia and Mexico City.