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Replacement Filter Media Supply

ATMOS360 offers many types of bulk and shaped style filter media for various filtration products. One such media offered is our direct replacement Oval Shaped, ePTFE (Teflon) Membrane Coated PM-TEC Ex-Charge (Anti-Static) media material for our various 2375, 3800, 4750, and 5100 series RACF (Reverse Air Cleaned Filter) units. This filtration media provides our filters with superior release characteristics while providing a Nominal Efficiency of 99.8% on particles 3 m and above.

We can supply either bulk or custom order filter media for any make or model unit in a variety of stock materials. We also supply replacement filter bags and cages for our reverse air cleaning filter (RACF) units.

* Air filtration
* Dust control and collectors
* Dust hazard analysis
* Dust remediation engineering services

Effective November 18, 2013, Icy and Clarence Williams purchased the assets of PAK/TEEM, INC. and all of its subsidiaries; Air Filters and Equipment, Pak/Teem Technical services, Inc. and Pak/Teem International, Inc. under the entity of PAK/TEEM Acquisition Company, Inc.

PAK/TEEM Acquisition Company, Inc. dba PAK/TEEM INC. provides supply chain business solutions for a broad spectrum of industrial clients and offers leading edge engineering, design and fabrication of equipment to contain, collect and convey dust generated from various manufacturing processes. We are recognized as a dust control technology leader particularly in the area of containment at the source and its innovations include designs that have been adopted as the industry standard in many manufacturing processes.

Please contact our media sales department to request further information or get a quotation for your specific media needs.