ALLGRIND PLASTICS - is a custom processor providing a wide range of Size Reduction Services to plastic processors including plastic grinding , plastic pulverizing and plastic granulating for new materials and to improve recycling of industrial plastic scrap.

Allgrind Plastics offers a Custom Grinding Service for non-hazardous dry materials such as any type of plastics including resins, general purpose materials, engineering resins, compounds, master batches or color concentrates, additives, etc. Allgrind has been serving the Plastics, Chemicals, Additives and Bulk Dry Materials Industries since 1978.

Allgrind provides a Toll grinding service for your materials. We do not buy or sell materials or machinery.

Allgrind offers the following processing services:
* Coarse Grinding / Granulation to 2" - 1/8" or 50 - 2 mm
* Fine Grinding / Pulverization / Cryogenic Grinding to 6 - 200 mesh or 3000 - 75 microns and finer for friable materials
* Sifting / Classifying to 3/8" - 200 mesh or 10mm - 75 microns
* Blending / Mixing
* Packaging / repackaging

A variety of size reduction equipment is used to meet most size specifications and particle size distributions. If required for heat sensitive materials we offer cryogenic grinding, cryogenic granulating and cryogenic pulverizing. We will analyze your sample to advise the particle size, grind size or sift size required to match it.

Sifting and blending services are offered separately or in conjunction with grinding to further classify, blend and improve your final product.

Allgrind also offers a Certified Destructive Grinding Service for off grade, reject, damaged, over run products.

Allgrind Plastics is conveniently located just off Interstate 78 in between exits 7 & 11 in western New Jersey.