MultiTherm LLC has been marketing heat transfer fluids to 35 process industries throughout the world since 1977. Used in hot oil systems, the fluids are designed to control the temperatures of dies, embossing rolls, extruders, molds, platens, reactors and other types of process equipment. MultiTherm’s heat transfer fluids are non-toxic, cost-effective, thermally stable and environmentally friendly.

The fluids, MultiTherm PG-1®, MultiTherm IG-4® and MultiTherm 503® cover a temperature range from –40 F to 600 F (–17 C to 315 C). MultiTherm PSC Plus® and MultiTherm FF-1® are specialty formulated products to help remove particulate during initial start-ups and coke build-up before recharging the system with new fluid. Further, MultiTherm has developed a TechTeam® program that helps customers operate their systems at peak performance.

A key part of this program is Periodic Fluid Analysis. It will monitor and detect changes in a fluid or in the operation conditions of a system. Most of the time, the problem can then be corrected. Thus, fluid degradation will be minimized.