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Dust Collectors


Experts in Dust, Mist and Fume collectionDantherm Filtration, Inc. (formerly DISA Systems Inc) specializes in completeturn-key air filtration system design, manufacture, installation and service. We offer a complete line of dust, mist and fume collection/extraction equipment including manual shaker and automatic shaker bag collectors, reverse air bag collectors, reverse pulse jet bag and cartridge collectors, silo venting collectors, fans, ducting, oil mist collectors, wet scrubbers, and more. Our experience and proven energy-saving equipment and techniques have allowed us to save our customers up to 60% on their energy costs.Dantherm Filtration, Inc. is ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004 certifiedDantherm Filtration focuses on individual solutions for individual customer needs. Dantherm Filtration has supplied more than 35,000 air cleaning systems worldwide - delivering unbeatable reliability, low energy consumption and compliance with all mandatory requirements for a wide range of applications in many different industries.Providing air filtration systems to North America for over 30 yearsDantherm Filtration, Inc. has been doing business in the North America for over 30 years and has manufacturing facilities in both the Eastern and Western US (Thomasville, NC and Reno, NV) to supply our customers throughout North America. We are a part of the global Dantherm organization, with production and sales in the North America, Europe and Asia.