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All about Ensinger
When Ensinger founder Wilfried Ensinger ventured into his garage in 1966 and began developing semifinished plastic products, few could have imagined the worldwide success that awaited the company.

From these humble beginnings, a man with a vision launched an organization that now has 24 production locations in ten different countries. The Washington, Pennsylvania, facility is located south of Pittsburgh and is both the North American headquarters and home to our extruded products manufacturing site.

To assure our customers that quality is constant throughout every aspect of our operation, we provide complete product traceability back to the base resin. Our on-site laboratory allows for testing of finished products and raw materials. Our quality assurance is validated by the achievement of ISO 9001:2008 certification since 1995.

Superior materials, processes, testing, application knowledge and technical service enable us to produce the highest quality engineering plastics available today. Our goal has always been and continues to be to meet our customers' current needs and to anticipate the market's constantly changing requirements.

The philosophy of the Ensinger companies worldwide is independent thinking and action by all partners. Our international partners rise to the challenge of meeting the needs of regionally different customer requirements and the full range of applications for engineering plastics. Together with the commitment of our employees and their enthusiasm for innovative technologies and procedures, Ensinger is equipped for the demands which the future will bring.

Some of our superior quality engineering plastics include Extruded Rods, Cast Nylon Shapes, Extruded Plates and Tubes, and Compression Molded Shapes

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