Procedyne fluidized bed cleaning systems completely remove coatings from all types of hardware and parts with no carbon residue. Absolute temperature control and thermal uniformity permits cleaning of complex critical hardware with minimal risk of distortion or metallurgical damage. Fully assembled dies, spin packs, and gear pumps, as well as spinnerets, nozzles and other polymer processing hardware can be safely and effectively cleaned in a Procedyne fluidized bed.

The use of fluidized bed technology for cleaning hardware and parts has several advantages when compared to other cleaning methods:

CLEANING EFFICIENCY - Fluidized bed furnaces have a heat transfer rate similar to salt, making them highly efficient. It is the only cleaning technology available which can clean fully assembled tooling.

NO TOOL DAMAGE - Procedyne fluidized bed furnaces control temperatures to within control over the combustion process. Tooling is not exposed to the direct flame.