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Ettlinger North America LP offers high quality continuous melt filters to recyclers, compounders and processors. Based in Atlanta, we have been supplying and supporting continuous melt filters for a variety of applications since 2011. The ERF and ECO filters can process polyolefins and PET, bringing many advantages to our clients. Our truly "continuous drum" filtration design means that even large amounts of paper, wood, cardboard, aluminum, PET and nylon can be removed effectively. Even troublesome contaminants like silicone and rubber can be removed running the base material at rates up to 12,000 lbs/hr. In addition, our melt filter can run in production for weeks or months between filter drum changes leading to higher uptime for our customers. The ERF and ECO melt filters also run in a pressure-stable environment always providing stable pressure to your pelletizer, film, sheet or strapping line. Better quality material, higher throughputs and lower conversion cost are all reasons to call Ettlinger today.