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Reduce weight, cycle times and clean parts with Innovative New Technologies from Linde
Novel gas- based solutions for for Plastics Manufacturers

PLASTINUM® and CRYOCLEAN® solutions from Linde, tailored for the plastic´s market will support your operation – from gas injection molding through foaming, temperature control to cleaning.

At NPE 2018, we introduced how our plastics technologies can reduce cycle times, and part weight up 30% or more.

Here is a quick overview of these plastics solutions featured at NPE:

NEW! PLASTINUM® FOAM Injection Molding

Reduce weight with a physical foaming process that requires no changes to your injection molding machines

The patent pending PLASTINUM® FOAM Injection Molding from Linde is a new physical foaming process, that offers a less expensive, more flexible solution than currently available technology. It was developed to address the growing light-weighting trend in automotive and other related industries, as well as the need to reduce raw material costs. PLASTINUM FOAM Injection Molding video It can be used with several machines simultaneously, is and requires no change to your injection molding machines. Read the article highlighting some of the initial development results - CLICK HERE

Reduce cycle times 20-50% over standard Gas Assist Injection Molding using carbon dioxide

Typical Gas Assist processes utilize nitrogen to create hollow parts, like automotive or appliance handles. Linde has invented a process in which nitrogen is replaced with carbon dioxide (CO2), greatly reducing cycle times. Cooling cycles can often be reduced by more than 50% compared to cycles using nitrogen and overall cycles can often be reduced by 20% - 50%. The cooling effect of high pressure CO2 is comparable to that of water in Water Assist Injection Molding (WAIM), without many of the difficulties inherent to WAIM. CLICK HERE FOR OUR BLOG with access to our white paper

PLASTINUM® TEMP S CO2 Spot Mold Cooling

Reduce Cycle times and eliminate sink marks - cooling cores as thin as .025"

The demonstration at the Linde booth at NPE showed how this precisely engineered carbon dioxide (CO2) spot-cooling system can reduce cycle times and eliminate sink marks without major modifications. It helps achieve more uniform cooling across the part geometry, cooling cores as thin as .025". We featured a few case studies where quality and cycle time improvements were demonstrated, accessible here:

PTI and Vision Plastics

CRYOCLEAN® Snow CO2 Cleaning
One step automated cleaning process, with no drying required. Shortens paint lines.

This solvent-free cleaning process is ideal for preparing parts and components prior to painting or coating. Inert Carbon dioxide (CO2) is inert has no ozone-depleting solvents, and no potential for oxidizing metal as with aqueous-based cleaning systems. Watch the video by clicking be