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Green Box is a world leader in Process Cooling, Heating and Control equipment.
Green Box is manufacturer of Fluid Coolers to replace cooling towers for benefit of your factory, and our Planet Earth.
Fluid Coolers provide clean water and in closed-loop to your industrial processes, all year long.
The latest generation of Fluid Coolers provide benefits beyond other manufacturers :
98 % on water savings, up to 75 % on power savings and no use of chemicals.
Green Box has over 50 models of fluid coolers and over 100 models of air cooled and water cooled chillers.
Green Box is the only manufacturer of fluid coolers that guarantee no freeze ups if you opt to run clear water (without glycol) in your process.
Green box is the only manufacturer which uses special technique for the adiabatic cooling, and spraying the water @ 1,000 psi, hence additional water saving and efficiency of cooling.
Green Box is the only manufacturer of fluid coolers that can guarantee you the same leaving water temperature (or lower) than any cooling tower will give you.
Go to our website, and see the range of our products which no other manufacturer can match, and you will understand why is Green Box a world leader in Cooling and Heating.