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Extreme Coatings' high velocity thermal spray coatings of tungsten carbide provide exceptional wear and corrosion resistance to any injection molding or extrusion feedscrew. The finish coating layer is crack-free with hardness from 65 to 72 HRC. Our mirror polish surface finish has a low COF which improves screw cleaning and this hard layer will not scratch. We engineer, design and manufacturer coating solutions to improve a components (part) performance and service life. For example with our formulas applied to feedscrews and mixing rotors they can last 2, 3 and 4 times longer. Come see why we coated over 42,000 parts!

Cutting Edge Wear Resistance Technology for the Plastic & Rubber Molding Industries

Our high percentage of hard tungsten carbide particles provide maximum abrasion and adhesive wear resistance.

A 99% dense coating layer provides exceptional corrosion resistance and our mirror surface finish ensures easy purge clean between material changes.

Double the life of any feed screw! Guaranteed!!

Get the most out of your equipment with EXTREME COATINGS