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StaMixCo specializes in static mixers (motionless mixers with no moving parts) for laminar flow applications such as for the homogenization of polymer melts in plastics injection molding and extrusion equipment, mixing/dispersing in polymer production (similar viscosity and high/low viscosity materials), heaters/coolers for laminar flow applications and plug flow reactors for viscous polymerization of materials.

StaMixCo designs and manufactures a wide variety of static mixers (motionless mixers with no moving parts) for the continuous processing of polymers, liquids, gases and slurries.

High viscosity fluid processing is our specialty. Unit operations included mixing/blending of materials with similar and large differences in viscosity and volumetric flow rate such as melt flow mixing in plastics injection molding, extrusion and polymer manufacturing; continuous polymerization plug flow reactors; heating and cooling of viscous materials and plastic disposable static mixers for 2-component (2K) resin systems.

Low viscosity fluid processing is our secondary area of focus. Unit Operations include the inline mixing of liquids, mixing of gases in short lengths, and mass transfer contactors for gas-liquid and immiscible liquid dispersion applications.

If you feel our technology or products may be suitable for your application, we will be pleased to have our engineers discuss your application and provide you with a design and price. We fabricate both standard ready to ship and custom static mixers.