Since its inception, CROWN Machine uwp, Inc. works to advance plastics processing technology with an ongoing commitment to precision engineering, innovative design, and timely delivery.

CROWN Machine uwp, Inc. continuously strives to meet and exceed customers' expectations by building high-quality equipment that drives our customers forward.

Progress Made Simple

Whether you need custom-built equipment, or standard machinery tested and performance-proven, CROWN Machine develops the right processing equipment for you. As a premier manufacturer in the plastics and compounding industry, CROWN Machine provides a broad range of equipment for every processing need.

When You Need Customized Machinery

CROWN Machine uwp, Inc. customizes any of its equipment or processing lines to meet your exact specifications. Whether there are space limitations, production concerns, interface requirements, or environmental safety issues, CROWN Machine engineers work with you during the entire design and development process to ensure all your requirements are met.

Sales. Service. Support

Whether you are purchasing your first underwater pelletizer or installing an entire processing line, CROWN Machine provides the professional support needed to get the job done right. Our technicians are trained to provide complete service, from project inception through installation and start-up. CROWN Machine offers the technical support you need for total system design.

CROWN Machine uwp, Inc. stands behind its machinery and service, offering one of the most comprehensive product warranty and buyer protection programs in the industry.