Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is a leading manufacturer and retailer of vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors and customized systems using vacuum technology. Busch offers 50 years of experience and the largest selection of industrial vacuum pumps available today to meet the demand for vacuum and pressure technologies in every industry across the world. Busch USA is one of 60 subsidiaries within the global family-owned Busch Company that has been managed by members of the Busch Family since its inception in 1963. Busch USA sales and manufacturing companies are both headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, which is also home to our engineers, product specialists, customer service professionals and manufacturing teams dedicated to quality and innovation.

Busch offers a comprehensive product portfolio with a focus on providing the most operationally reliable and cost-effective solutions possible for applications in the field of plastics processing such as compounding, extrusion, extruder calibration, thermoforming, injection molding and recycling. No matter what the requirements are in terms of vacuum supply for your process, Busch will always offer you the most economical solution for your specific needs – from a simple blower to a complex vacuum system complete with a control system. Busch also provides complete after-sales service support on site and in our eight regional U.S. & P.R. service centers including preventive maintenance, warranty programs, remanufacture and repair service, and Busch genuine parts.